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Hectare is an ambitious agritech company entirely focussed on eliminating current inefficiencies, and deficiencies, in agri-food supply chains.

SellMyLivestock and Graindex are digital marketplaces enabling the online trade of farm livestock and combinable crops between farmers and their downstream supply chains. These two markets alone in the UK are worth over £12 billion per annum. We are developing a range of complimentary products and integrations to enable better data-driven decision-making, lower the cost of procurement, and facilitate clearer market signals.

The agri-food supply chain is increasingly sophisticated. Modern supply chains demand more information than ever about each consignment. Product data must flow seamlessly up and down the supply chain. We make this happen.

Our Brands



An online marketplace where farm livestock, in this case, sheep, cattle and pigs can be traded between farmers or through to their downstream customers such as meat processors and supermarkets.



An online marketplace allowing combinable crops, such as grain, oil seed rape and beans to be traded between farmers or to their downstream customers such as millers and merchants.



FarmPay is a secure payment gateway we have developed for use within the Hectare group. It offers guaranteed payment to the seller where certain conditions are met.

Our Team

The Hectare team is led by Jamie McInnes, a web developer who married into an arable farming background. Jamie is supported by Andrew Loftus, a Yorkshire farmer and entrepreneur with longstanding links to the livestock industry, together with technical, admin, marketing and financial colleagues.

Industry expertise comes from non executives, Dan Luff (livestock) and Andrew Huxham (arable), joint founders of Hectare and both farming locally in Hampshire and West Sussex. Nick Shepherd, chairman of Hectare, provides guidance and oversight of the business, as well as leading Hectare’s fund raising.

Jamie McInnes

Nick Shepherd

Andrew Loftus

Dan Luff

Andrew Huxham

Max Prangnell

Becky Smith

Rosie Hetherington

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